About Us

Hello Papua is one of our passion projects that sets forth with the goal of promoting Indonesia’s less-known gems and help preserve it in the journey. We’re 4 passionate globetrotters who fell in love with the country’s seemingly endless charm, nature miracles, and cultural heritage abound. 

We’ve long heard tales of Papua and its legendary marine phenomenon, so we set sail to venture to the furthest east of Indonesia. Experiencing the wondrous island ourselves has exposed us to a whole new world of discovery. Beyond the famed area of Raja Ampat, Papua in its entirety is an experience in itself that feels idiosyncratic compared to the rest of Indonesia. An inspiration for our passion project strikes, Hello Papua is born, and as they say, the rest is history.

Limestone Islands and Tropical Lagoon | Raja Ampat | Hello Papua

The previous year in our journey, we discover Flores, a land of pristine beaches, prehistoric dragons, vast seas and staggering marine biodiversity, with friendly locals who greet you with a smile everywhere you go. We fall in love with the area and decided to create Hello Flores that became the start of our series of passion projects in promoting Indonesia’s exquisite marine miracles and other hidden gems.

The East of Indonesia is among the places we strive to discover and our journey has been no less than life-changing. The experience we had sailing and discovering the Coral Triangle of Papua has been one of the pivotal turning point in navigating through the limitless mysteries of Indonesia’s grand nature. Witnessing the place where over 75% of marine species known to mankind dwell in the seas of Raja Ampat and the greater Papua area is just the tip of the iceberg.

Tropical Islands and Shallow Water
Meeting the Dolphins | Hello Papua

Just like our sister project, Hello Papua is in partnership with the Indonesian Ocean Pride and we have been striving to make an impact towards protecting the Indonesian marine lives and preserving its resplendent biodiversity. We make it our personal mission to care for the places we work with and there is no greater joy in owning the knowledge that what we do help preserve the earth and the livelihood of the local community. 

Indonesian Ocean Pride | Hello Papua