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Raja Ampat / Papua

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Papua diving liveaboard is an unrivaled experience. Seeking for a taste of the legendary marine biodiversity of the bird’s head seascape, set sail in the richest oceans the world has ever discovered. Diving cruise Indonesia is the ultimate way of discovering the pinnacle of underwater paradise—without missing any of it. Moreover, Raja Ampat in West Papua is known as a part of the largest manta rays sanctuary in the world, thanks to the decision of banning manta fisheries in Indonesia.

Today, Papua is one of the very few places where people can meet and swim with both reef mantas and oceanic mantas. As the global center of marine biodiversity, Raja Ampat Papua is the prized Crown Jewel of Indonesia and conservation efforts thrive. Papua diving is guaranteed to be a delight. Say hello to Papua and welcome the experience of a lifetime.

Papua Diving Liveaboard a fully-tailored authentic experience

A fully immersive experience sailing the legendary Papua and Raja Ampat archipelago through diving cruise Indonesia—you are the builder of your own journey. 

There are numerous Papua cruise and Raja Ampat diving liveaboard’s dive sites and gorgeous islands that you can explore at your leisure during the entirety of your life aboard the ship. Handpick your very own destinations in your Papua diving cruise. Discover a school of bumphead parrotfish, get close to the captivating black mantas, and the exciting island-hopping—what’s your pick? The depth of the oceans is the limit. Papua is worth exploring many times over.

Whether you’d like to sail in a small group of 6 to 8 guests, a maximum privacy charter for just two people, or a larger group of 14 to 16 people in the largest Phinisi—our team at Hello Papua are happy to accommodate your needs. Diving cruise Indonesia Phinisi yachts are sailing vessels with generous spaces. But the journey itself is designed to accommodate small to medium-sized groups. There are boats catering to all of your needs.

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What Travelers Say

"The holiday of my life. Absolutely fantastic holiday. Organisation, experience, service, all above the wildest expectations."

Bata M

"So happy we decided to go on this cruise. My dream was to swim with the giant Mantas and it happened!!!! Snorkeling there is a pure beauty! We loved our sunrise trek and our time chilling aboard, sailing in this paradise is an unforgettable moment!"

Sophie G

"Everything was perfect. The team customized our itinerary and we had nothing but appetizing meals while onboard. Couldn't have asked for a better holiday."

Isadora A

Home to the most legendary marine biodiversity on earth

A place where life flourishes—almost all of the marine lives known to mankind live and thrive in the nutrient-rich oceans of Papua. Remarkable even amongst the famed Coral Triangle, over 75 percent of corals and thousands of reef fish species can be found in this magical place. Papua diving is truly a lifetime worth of experience. The first scuba Misool diving in Raja Ampat in the 90s yield a record-breaking encounter of over 280 fish species only in a single dive. Even among findings scuba diving Indonesia, the number is staggering. This is the starting point to the discovery of more and more species living in the Bird’s Head Seascape, including the findings of previously undiscovered species.

Sail in Indonesian renowned indigenous wooden sailing vessel

One of Papua diving liveaboard unique features is to be able to sail in a Phinisi, an authentic Indonesian sailing vessel created by one of the local tribes hundreds of years ago. Phinisi is a traditional Indonesian boat that originated from the well-known ethnic group of Bugis of South Sulawesi. This native Indonesian boat is a masterpiece among sailing vessels. They are the lifeline of the economy to the Bugis people of Makassar, as much as they are an important component of transportation.

Papua is a famed destination when it comes to appreciating the full glory of the Indonesian archipelago. However, getting to places in West Papua holiday like the famed Raja Ampat itself takes a long time even when you’re already in the country. Getting from one spot to another takes time, as the areas worth visiting are numerous and spread across such a large area. This is where discovering Papua through the luxury liveaboards Indonesia, especially on a phinisi, tops many other options. Aside from being able to discover the astounding wonders of Indonesia, Papua liveaboard or Papua diving cruise is an excellent way to experience the Phinisi of today.

A jewel of Indonesia

Dine in a breathtaking 360° view of the sea and archipelagic wonders

Dining in Papua diving cruise will be a purely delightful activity, every single day. You’ll look forward to savouring your meals when you’re taking a break from your Raja Ampat diving and once you have finished your activity for the day.

Dining in Papua diving liveaboard is enjoyed in a breathtaking environment that you can access at any time of day. Start your day by eating chef-prepared healthy clean food and vegetables and juicy fruits. Enjoy a clear, brilliant view of the sparkling ocean surface during your lunch. Watch the last bit of the sun rays as dinner is served. In the tropical country of Indonesia, it’s not rare that at 7 pm, you can still catch the shades of tangerine and lilac as the last rays of sun rays dissipate.

Sail, dive, explore

A marine miracle even among the phenomenal Coral Triangle

Papua diving cruise opens a door to majestic underwater scenes. The Coral triangle houses an astonishing number of corals—making it the area with the most fascinating underwater scene on earth. Over 500 species of corals live in the Coral Triangle; the biggest there is on earth considering that the area only makes up over 1 percent of the world’s sea area. In comparison, the entire area of the Caribbean has fewer than 70 species of corals.

Papua cruise is an ideal way of exploring every nook and cranny of this miraculous archipelago. You’ll discover a seabed filled with vibrant corals and having to carefully swim-step so that you won’t disturb the walking sharks nearby. Lucky ones will get to experience reef mantas or even the ocean mantas swimming playfully and getting their cleaning rituals. Raja Ampat is truly every diver’s wildest dream and more.

Meet the majestic Manta Rays in a Memorable Papua Diving Liveaboard

Papua diving liveaboard—Manta rays can be spotted throughout the Indonesian waters; notably in Flores, Bali-Nusa Penida,  and of course, Papua Raja Ampat. Manta rays have been dubbed as the oceans’ gentle giants. These sea angels’ “wings” can reach over 7 meters across or over 20 feet. Despite their flat appearance and their agility in gliding across waters—making it seem as if they are flying—they can weight up to 1,300 kilograms. Mantas are the relatives of sharks. However, unlike their cousins, mantas are mostly harmless to humans. Manta rays have an average of 300 small teeth they use to feed on zooplankton, crustaceans, and other tiny fishes in the oceans. And these teeth are not sufficient to tear human flesh.

If manta rays are your main reason to explore the seas of Papua, then you’re in for the most remarkable experience yet. Opt for an immersive dive cruise or a tailored, dive-intensive liveaboard. As the top scuba diving destination and luxury liveaboard in the world, West Papua diving will not disappoint.

A closer look at these miraculous sea angels

Indonesia is the world largest’s sanctuary for manta rays. However, it used to be the biggest fisheries for both mantas and sharks. While fishing may not be the main destructive factors of many species extinction, this is exactly the case for mantas. Mantas mating is done once every few years, and the baby is conceived for a full year. The entirety of manta’s reproduction cycle takes a great deal of time. It makes these creatures vulnerable to even the slightest threat to their population.

By purchasing a permit (which is usually already included if you go with a Papua diving cruise or liveaboard Indonesia), you’re helping to contribute to the conservation efforts in Raja Ampat Papua. This permit is officially named Tariff to Support Environmental Services. This is a good step taken by the government to discourage mass tourism in Raja Ampat Papua. And it’s an important one to decrease the risk of harm brought by tourism. This helps keep the West Papua and Raja Ampat as pristine and as untarnished as it remains today.

Papua is home to the world’s top diving and snorkeling sites

Experience grandeur of the seas through Papua diving cruise—Dampier Strait of Raja Ampat Papua is another famed Diving cruise Indonesia’s destinations. Dampier Strait is said to be the place where the first Papua scuba diving took place in the 90s. Healthy corals and plentiful nutrients make the seas of Dampier Strait an absolute delight to discover.

Have you ever experienced “fish thunder” during your dive? It is one of the most dramatic experiences you can experience in the Dampier Strait. As hundreds and even thousands of fishes move through the water with impressive speed, a tumultuous sound—fish thunder—can be heard booming in the ocean. It is one of the most peculiar yet strangely fascinating event, one that you can experience through an immersive Papua diving liveaboard.