Luxury cruise Indonesia: Papua Liveaboard at Your Own Pace

With such an impressive natural wonder you could not find anywhere else on earth, luxury cruise Indonesia truly makes for a lifetime of experience. Exploring Papua is an endeavor in itself. Getting to Raja Ampat Papua is already time-consuming and costly as is. You have to get to Sorong first. And it is already lengthy journey in itself—so why not choose the option that gives you maximum freedom to explore the oceans? You don’t have to get up at 4 a.m. in the morning for a long and tiring trip just to get to your diving spot. There is no longer the fear of missing any of your best diving in Indonesia or snorkeling destinations. Papua diving liveaboard gives you the utmost freedom when it comes to exploring the destination and discover the best of its potentials.

Manta Mae Trip Around Raja Ampat | Hello Papua
Phinisi Boat Sailing Raja Ampat | Hello Papua
Phinisi Cruise | Sailing Raja Ampat | Hello Papua

Explore uncharted territories only reachable by boats

Numerous hotspots for a jaw-dropping underwater scene are spread throughout the entire 15,000 square miles (over 40,000 square km) of lands and oceans. The Bird’s Head Seascape of Indonesia is a place like no other. And guess what—many of these places can only be thoroughly enjoyed by boat on a luxury cruise Indonesia. 

 Living underwater, thousands of species create a magnificent ecosystem. In 2013, Raja Ampat Papua was declared as one of the very few sanctuaries for manta rays and sharks in the world. With this declaration and other conservation efforts, West Papua Raja Ampat is the most protected marine areas in Indonesia, and in extension, the world. Luxury cruise Indonesia is an excellent way to explore it thoroughly. 

Embark on a luxury cruise Indonesia and experience the possibilities and flexibilities to explore Papua diving sites that aren’t possible to reach on a day trip. The Papua regency houses brilliant diving sites of colorful marine lives spread over the area. Sailing with a dive cruise Indonesia will remove the limitations of the areas you are able to explore. With a solid diving itinerary, you will be able to explore so much more compared to when you’re staying on lands. 

Wake up to a view of unobstructed sunrise across the horizon. Taste the salty winds and its passionate caress over your skin. Appreciating the richest sea in its full glory is the reason why Raja Ampat diving liveaboard is here.

Canoeing in Raja Ampat | Hello Papua
Phinisi Cruise Sailing Across Raja Ampat | Hello Papua
Phinisi and Sunset in Raja Ampat
Asmat Canoes | Asmat Tribes | Hello Papua

Have a taste of the famed Indonesian World-Class Hospitality

Once you step foot onboard, you’ll immediately be greeted by the smiles of our local crew of luxury cruise Indonesia. Warm is a word that is often described when people reminisce about their personal experience of exceptional Indonesian hospitality. Welcoming you to their country of rich seas and lands with open arms and genuine laughter is the signature of the Indonesian world-renowned amicability. You’ll get to experience the warmth of the locals first-hand. 

The crew onboard of our luxury cruise Indonesia are viewed as members of an extended family by each other.  Don’t be shy to talk to the boat crew! They are the lovely locals with a story of their own to share with you. All of them have years of experiences in the hospitality industry.

Coupled with the cordial culture of Indonesia, you’ll immediately feel at home. The crew onboard are professionally trained and will accommodate you on your requests. You’ll feel at ease and comfort at our crew’s care.

Asmat canoes in traditional dress | Hello Papua
Phinisi Cruising Raja Ampat | Hello Papua
Peaceful Sailing | Raja Ampat | Hello Papua
Looking at Sunset | raja Ampat | Hello Papua

Contact our team via email or Whatsapp with your details (number of persons, dates…), we will send you within 24hours an offer with options of boats according to your needs and your budget.

Sailing on a Phinisi Yacht: the Ultimate Luxury Cruise Indonesia

Famous as the maritime traders of Southeast Asia, the Phinisi is important to the everyday lives of the Bugis people. In the past, the vessel sailed to faraway lands for as long as the wind can take them. They sail to the Pacific, Indian oceans and beyond. Phinisi has been noted as the icon of the Indonesian seafaring tradition. Among the places, the Phinisi have sailed to what is known today as Burma, Australia, Malacca, and Burma, to name a few. A way to experience the ultimate luxury cruise Indonesia is undoubtedly through embarking on a phinisi. 

Today, the UNESCO listed the art of building the Phinisi boat in the category of Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The Phinisi is more than a yacht or a luxury liveaboard Indonesia—it’s a part of the centuries-old Indonesian culture.

Dining Experience in Papua Cruise

Cooking is fine art. And our chefs are the maestro. Just like a painter mixing colors to create a delicate shade and a desirable texture, our chefs are working hard on their craft to create exquisite dishes they can proudly present as theirs. On a 5-star luxury cruise Indonesia, savour every bite of your meal surrounded by views of the majestic seas and untouched islands, served by our experienced chefs and cheerful boat crew. 

An Enchanting Papua Diving Cruise Adventure  

Diving is undoubtedly one of the most famed activities Raja Ampat is known for. And manta rays are among the highlight of diving in Raja Ampat West Papua. One of the very few places where there is a possibility of spotting oceanic mantas is the Blue Magic—a particularly busy area where the underwater lives intersect. Blue Magic is a submerged seamount brimming with life. But what you will see there will be one of the best memories of your West Papua travel. Aside from the marvelous oceanic mantas, there is so much to discover and are full of actions. Spot schools of lively barracuda, giant trevally, and numerous other marine lives ready to greet you. 

Adventuring on a luxury cruise Indonesia: getting there is pretty tricky as Blue Magic is located in the open water with no islands or islets nearby to act as a landmark. It is located approximately 20 - 30 minutes boat ride away from Raja Ampat’s Gam island. It is advised that experienced divers dive in this site, as the all-time current is rather strong. But once you successfully made a quick dive and got hooked, you’ll be able to simply sit back and enjoy the show.