Papua Travel: Cruise through Earth’s Last Paradise

Papua travel—journeying to Raja Ampat Papua is akin to a pilgrimage known to every diver in the world. As the richest diving site on earth, you can meet thousands of marine life you won’t encounter anywhere else. Raja Ampat’s astonishing biodiversity is unrivaled. It is nothing short of a phenomenon. Raja Ampat is a part of what is known as “The Coral Triangle” which is famous for being the Amazon of the Seas. The Coral Triangle itself is an area that houses the largest stretch of mangrove forests in the world, which helps maintain the biodiversity of West Papua.

Mioskon to Yanggefo & Arborek Village (North & Central Raja Ampat)

8 days/7 nights voyage


Kabul Bay
Aljui Bay
Kawe & Equator Islands
Yanggefo & Arborek Village

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Manta Mae Trip Around Raja Ampat | Hello Papua

Papua travel through a diving liveaboard is an excellent way for divers to get the most out of their diving experience. “The Crown Jewel of the Bird’s Head Seascape” is what Raja Ampat has been referred to as. The warm waters of Raja Ampat and the tropical climate of Indonesia, in general, contributed to an enjoyable diving experience in West Papua travel.

According to tales of the discovery of Raja Ampat’s marine miracle, nearly 300 marine species were counted in just one dive. From this point on, more and more species are discovered in the waters of Raja Ampat, including previously unknown species such as the walking shark.

Dampier strait to Batanta (South Raja Ampat)

Jakare Liveaboard | Sailing Trip | Hello Papua

12 days/ 11 nights voyage


  Dampier Strait, Airborek & Manta Sandy or Cape Kri
Aljui Bay
Wayag Bay
Yemen, Penemu or Fam
Wagmab & Farondi
Fiabatjet & Boo

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The incredible nature of West Papua houses impressive biodiversity of birds—a whopping 210 species in a single island, and among them, 12 species are classified as endangered. Papua travel won’t be complete without meeting these gorgeous sky-dwellers. Expect to meet Brahminy Kite (red-backed sea eagle), Gurney’s eagle, little Egret, Sacred and Glossy Ibis, Black-naped Tern, and many others. If you’re lucky, you may even encounter Collared Sparrowhawk, Great-billed Heron, Cattle Egret, Grey-faced Buzzard, Moluccan Starling, and more. There is simply a wealth of things to do and see in Raja Ampat when it comes to nature and wildlife and your Papua travel would be a lasting memory for you.

Triton Bay to Tomolol (Raja Ampat & Triton Bay Diving Expedition)

8 days/7 nights voyage


Triton Bay
Kiti Kiti Waterfall
Pisang Island
Wayil Batan

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Phinisi Cruise Sailing Across Raja Ampat | Hello Papua

Manta Rays: Swim with the Beloved Sea Giants

Swimming with the mantas is one of the most sought-after activities you can experience in Indonesia. This is why “mantas” are almost always uttered by people coming from their diving cruise Indonesia pilgrimage. Papua travel with a liveaboard is an excellent choice if you absolutely must meet the mantas in your journey. Manta rays are known as some of the most peaceful creatures of the sea despite their large size. As long as they don’t feel threatened when you’re around (don’t approach them aggressively!) usually you will be able to get quite close to them.

Some of the top diving places to explore in your Papua travel are the areas around Misool, one of the largest islands in Raja Ampat. Misool island is a magical place both underwater and in the lands, also a perfect place for Misool diving. The Boo Area of Misool houses what is known today as Shadow Reef, known as one of the viewing spots for the graceful manta rays, among thousands of other sea inhabitants. Stay still and interact with your eyes with the mantas, if you’re lucky and the mantas don’t feel threatened, they may even approach you. Observe their captivating and hypnotizing dance as they circle and move about. It’s a truly treasured experience for your Papua travel.

Cendrawasih Bay: Manokwari to Wairundi Island


7 days/6 nights voyage


Purup Island
Ripon Island
Wairundi Island

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The oceans are unbelievably crystal-clear that floating just under the surface of the water will yield a captivating scene of the underwater wonders. Therefore, snorkeling is no doubt a valid option during your Papua tour liveaboard. Snorkeling in Raja Ampat gives you a nice break from the more rigorous diving, as you can see a plethora of fishes and colorful corals even when you’re not as deep. Be mindful of the currents though, as some sites can have all-time strong currents. Spot lionfish, moray eels, reef sharks, sea turtles, and of course, the vibrant, colorful corals. Snorkeling is definitely one of the excellent things to do in your Papua travel on an easy day.

Please note that the itineraries may change at any time by the management of the boats due to among others; local condition, weather, strong current, windy and any unforeseen reason for the safety of passengers and the boat crew.