Living underwater, thousands of species create a magnificent ecosystem. In 2013, Raja Ampat was declared as one of the very few sanctuaries for manta rays and sharks in the world. With this declaration and other conservation efforts, Raja Ampat is the most protected marine areas in Indonesia, and in extension, the world. This makes Raja Ampat diving a must-do for nature lovers.

Experience the possibilities and flexibilities to explore Raja Ampat diving sites that aren’t possible to reach on a day trip. Raja Ampat regency houses brilliant diving sites of colorful marine lives spread over the area. Sailing with a dive cruise Indonesia will remove the limitations of the areas you are able to explore. With a solid diving itinerary, you will be able to explore so much more compared to when you’re staying on lands.

Wake up to a view of unobstructed sunrise across the horizon. Taste the salty winds and its passionate caress over your skin. Appreciating the richest sea in its full glory is the reason why Raja Ampat diving liveaboard is here.