Arborek Island

A Thriving Community on a Tiny Island

The Arborek island is a tiny speck of wonder amongst the vast oceans of Papua. It is so small that they say you can walk circling the entire island in only 30 minutes. Despite its minuscule size, Arborek is an interesting place of its own that’s more than worth a visit. In Arborek island, you can find souvenirs created by the community such as the traditional Papuan bags, baskets, and even a unique-looking manta rays-shaped hats. During your Papua cruise, Arborek island is going to be a cozy, laid-back island life experience. There is Arborek dive shop which is the local dive center on the island. Travelers would usually get to interact with locals here, as many of them participate in arranging homestay accommodation. The island is also among some of the more developed ones in Raja Ampat thanks to Indonesian government tourist village program.

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