Cendrawasih Bay

The Secluded Underwater Treasure

The Cendrawasih Bay is widely known as a living underwater treasure, and experiencing it for yourself is nothing short of incredible. Another place where such an impressive diversity can be found in one area. This gorgeous bay even has a nickname “The Galapagos of Indonesia’s Reefs” thanks to its astonishing biodiversity. An avid diver would enjoy their time in Cendrawasih Bay immensely. The Cendrawasih Bay is undoubtedly West Papua’s treasured national park, where mangrove forests and tropical rain forests grow and flourish. Discover vibrant fauna and flora both on the lands as well as in the oceans. Dolphins and whale sharks, among numerous other species, are particularly fond of this area. Cendrawasih Bay of Papua is also the place where you can witness whale sharks’ behavior that’s unlike any other in the world, where they gather together despite being solitary creatures.

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