Waigeo Indonesia

An Impressively Biodiversity Both in the Oceans and the Lands

Waigeo Indonesia—an island rich in forests teeming with vibrant, chirpy wildlife. Being the largest island in the West Papua, Waigeo has a lot to offer whether it’s your first time visiting the place or if this is your repeat journey. It’s also an excellent opportunity to experience a glimpse of the everyday life of the West Papuan people and their fascinating culture. Waigeo is a brilliant choice if you love adventuring in the lands amidst intimately spending time on the sea in your Papua cruise. Waigeo island Indonesia is pretty well-known for its jungle trekking routes, which are pretty well-equipped. Get easy access to stunning seascapes such as the Mayalibit Bay and Kabui Bay as well as Kabui Passage, among others.

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