Wayag Island

the Iconic Karst Islands Paradise

Wayag island of Raja Ampat is a destination in itself thanks to its iconic view of karst islands. As one of the best-conserved natural wonders of Indonesia, Raja Ampat Papua is remarkably unspoiled. It is the place to discover nature in its raw form at its best. Papua’s Wayag island Indonesia is notably the most iconic view of Raja Ampat showcasing the alluring emerald of unsoiled seas and a remarkable view of karst islets. As awareness spread, conservation efforts doubled. This involves both government bodies and the local islanders of Raja Ampat and the West Papuan people. These are the local communities whose livelihoods are dependent on the oceans. The invitingly turquoise oceans and pristine Wayag beach make the experience unparalleled. Be prepared to be greeted by the panoramic beauty of gorgeous stretches of karst islands in Wayag. The ocean wildlife under is undoubtedly something utterly spectacular to experience. Whether you’re an avid diver or merely a lost adventurer, Wayag island in itself is an experience of a lifetime. The island is usually very difficult to get into if you’re exploring Raja Ampat by yourself. However, with Papua liveaboard or diving cruise, this eliminates the whole concern of inaccessibility and lack of reliable transportation to the island. Sail on!

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