Misool Papua

More than a Diver’s Paradise

Diving cruise Indonesia in Raja Ampat would never be complete without visiting the island of Misool Papua. The Misool island is one of the four largest islands that made up the Four Kings. The island is known for both its underwater beauty as well as its breathtaking land wonders. Misool island immediately meets the Seram Sea, a part of the Pacific Oceans. This makes the waters on Misool island a place where the large sea inhabitants pass through. Whales are among the animals that have been reported to pass in the Misool sea area. The famed diving site, Shadow Reef, is a part of the islands in the Misool area. Located in the South of Misool’s Boo area, Shadow Reef is brimming with sea creatures seemingly appearing out of fantasy illustrations. Because of the group of cleaning wrasses, the seamount is also one of the cleaning sites for the celebrity of the sea; the manta rays. Divers usually get to spot the Humphead wrasse or Napoleonfish, among other creatures amidst the vibrant and abundant corals in this area.

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